The quintessential Iyalode Egba of Jos

published Dec. 14, 2020, 1:12 p.m. by mariamagboola

The quintessential Iyalode Egba of Jos

It is often said that is not only by birth that has a mother. A mother could be inherited accidentally. Some mothers could be gotten in places of work or in places of worship. Some women radiate this God given gift of motherhood that they go often draws other children close to them.

Anytime, anywhere they are prepared to put on the right path any child they see straying away. It is not only a child in the true sense of the word; even adults who is beginning to go astray in his duty towards their offspring or families are often called to order by such women. When others dare not utter a word so as not to be labeled with bad names, these women do not care. They believe the end justifies the means and go ahead to make the necessary corrections. They believe in the smooth running of homes and the society in general.

To them, well guided children are panacea to well developed society and go ahead to ensure just that. Mrs. Khadijat Balogun the newly installed Iyalode of Egba in Jos is one of such women. This attribute in her has been long discovered by Ansar-Ud Deen Society of Jos where she was made the chairperson of the society. Her installation by the Egba Progressive Union, Plateau State Chapter was just the icing of the cake.

The 83 year old lady of substance, tells people that cares to listen that nobody should call her ‘Hajia’ in Nigeria because she is not a visitor in beloved country but could only be called Hajia in Saudi Arabia where it was used appropriately when she was a pilgrim in the Holy Land.

She is easily moved to tears when she sees that the effort she is making s is not getting the desired result. She often says the youths are her greatest concern because they have seen nothing in life and would always want to show they are more knowledgeable than anyone else. The Youths of Ansar Ud Deen of Jos showed their appreciation to her efforts when they turned out in their green and white attire to give her support on the day of her installation at the Event Center. Long live Our chairperson, Long live Iyalode of Egba, Kebe Larafa. Wara fanahu makana aliya

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