Girls' Burden

published Sept. 4, 2020, 8:06 a.m. by mariamagboola

Girls' Burden

Let us ponder a little on why girl child marriages are rampant in our society today and put it in the right perspective.

Have you ever wondered why a girl, though may love education hardly resist being married off ? The reason is simple she has to face the reality that she has a burden for which marriage will provide the solution. Marriage will get her somebody to take over that responsibility of getting her sanitary towels.

It sounds unreal but imagine how a family which spends every Kobo it earns on feeding will be able to cough out at least N500 every month to get sanitary towels for its daughter. It is for this reason some people still hold on to that tradition; that once a girl sees her first menses, she gets married off before the next menstrual circle.
Some girls are forced to go on the streets to meet this basic needs and many get raped in the process.

Government and public spirited individuals should make it a priority to distribute sanitary towels in our public school periodically. This will encourage girls to remain in school.

In your neighbourhood if you have a family , struggling to feed and with a girl above the age of 12, you will be an angel to include sanitary towels in parcels you drop for them from time to time. You will remove that heavy burden off that girl's mind and give her the opportunity to think of other positive things she can do with her life.

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