President Buhari, Our Governors, please create jobs.

published Oct. 24, 2020, 9:14 a.m. by mariamagboola

President Buhari, Our Governors, please create jobs.

The greatest gift God gave Nigeria is human capital; yet we are not making good use it and we want to be great. It is quite impossible. We said hoodlums hijacked Peaceful Protest by the youths. Who are the hoodlums? Did they come from another planet or another country? No. They were the thugs you used during elections. They were the boys that filled your campaign rallies, singing your praise and dancing to music; Since you won election, you have thrown them to the streets; forgetting they exist.

The Protesting Youths created opportunity for them to come out. Now they are turning those infrastructure you managed to provide to rubbles. Wait, they will soon start stoning you on the streets. Soon you will not be able to sleep in your homes. We will then see if you will be governing us from abroad.

Instead of revamping moriborne industries, you said it is not viable to do so.The paradox in this country is that while it is not economically viable for government to set industries it viable to keep men who have, through out their lives enjoyed government largess in the National Assembly and pay them one third of the National income as allowances. Governors are galavanting all over the world in the name of looking for investors. With over 20 million unemployed youth you are taking a few hundreds to train on how to repair handsets (in a country where no single handset is produced) or in other crafts, giving them starter packs.

On what does the newly trained feed before his trade starts to yield profit? This is why most of them sell off the starter packs or spend their take-off grants and are back in employment market.

How many of you even involve your children in those two weeks or three months training? Yours are good for jobs in CBN or NNPC. Better still they stay put abroad where they were trained.

China and India are gifted with human resource and they make use of it on the farms and throughout the production chain until the goods get to the end users. They encourage home consumption. So majority of what they use in their countries are produced in there. Talk of food, textile products and even cars. But Nigeria politicians are the first to under rate Nigerian made products. How many of you are using Nigeria assembled cars?

The earlier politicians had foresight
and had created Industrial Reserved Areas in many state capitals. Today these areas are now hideout for criminals. Our leaders should retrace their steps and establish industries either in partnership with Nigeria investors or solely by themselves to absorb the sea of unemployed youths and stop taking advice from advanced countries interested in tailoring our economy to suit theirs.

Nigeria should have in the 21st century stop exporting raw materials but only finished products. Our educational system also needs to be looked into. Our graduates should be employable anywhere in the world. At whatever stage our youths leave school, they should have learnt something to keep them busy. Until our leaders agree to allow their children attend our public schools and universities will we agree that government is truely ready to overhaul the educational system.

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