The Expectant girlchild

published Sept. 4, 2020, 7:43 a.m. by mariamagboola

The Expectant Girlchild

If a girl carries a pregnancy for nine months and went into labour for hours and sometimes for days to deliver the baby and at the end she wraps up that baby and dumps it in a trash can or pit latrine, can that girl be said to be sane?

The first cry of a new born baby seems to be the sweetest song in mother's ear. It announces to the lady that today she has become a mother and at the same time converse with her; telling her that it is unsure of its present environment and asking for assurance from the mother that it is in safe hands. Rather than hold that baby in her arms and give it assurance, a girl decided to strangulate the baby and dump it in a dustbin or even drop it alive and walk away; leaving it to its fate.

What must have killed the humanity in that girl? one may ask. Was it the rejection she suffered in the hands of the man that impregnated her or the condemnation or cruelty she suffered from her parents or guardians since it was discovered she was pregnant?

At a dump site where a dead day-old-baby was found, a man remarked that women should stop complaining of gender violence if they can be killing babies. Another said he stops respecting women because of attitudes like this.

If a girl can stuff out life from the body of her own baby, will you be surprised if as a maid she beats up a few months old baby when she is alone with him or she decides to feed the baby with urine or excrement or even poison her madam with her own urine for scolding her?

The onus lies with every woman to be kind to young girls in their neighborhood. Once they are pregnant the mistake has been made. We must keep eye on them and take care them till delivery. After that, find a home for the baby.

Are there other things we can do to make disillusioned girls more humane? we will like to read your comment @ www.

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