States Secretariats: The seat of idleness

published June 1, 2021, 10:04 a.m. by mariamagboola

States Secretariats: The seat of idleness

It is disheartening that, while some state governments regularly pays salaries, workers only go to their offices to sit idle and chat throughout office hours. Gone are the days when workers are seen seated by their tables; busy attending to files. While we complain that governors have too many assistants and advisers; thus depleting state revenue, the cases in the ministries are worst. Up to five persons may be in the office of a secretary to a commissioner doing one man’s job. Other offices are not better; the workers would always be seen sitting idle throughout the day, waiting for directives. At the end of the month, they collect salaries for doing nothing. Now that computers have taken over the manual recording of data in the ministries, more idle hands have been created and people are till complaining that there is embargo on employment. With no initiative in ministries to create activities to keep workers busy, one would ask, what will the newly employed be doing if embargo is lifted on employment?

In the past, government workers get involve in jobs to keep the state machinery running. For instance the ministry of Agriculture gets involved in government farms; including poultry and animal husbandry. Their animals and birds usually used as models were the best. Beef and eggs sold in government cooperative shops from time to time were usually looking healthy and big respectively. The Ministry of works was taking care of all government vehicles and renovating government houses. Now artisans in town do these jobs and they connive with government workers to raise exorbitant bills for government to settle. Ministry of Education had inspectors going round schools unannounced to see that teachers are up and doing. Same goes for the Ministry of health; where its employees work hand in hand with those hospitals and clinics to ensure patients get the best treatment. These checks and balances made sure government machinery is not idle. There are many environmental issues that government need to tackle but rather than use its idle staff in the ministries and parastatals it prefers to hire private firms and consultants to get them done. It is high time state governments took the bull by the horn and get government workers worthy of the salary they collect.

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