Mariam Agboola

A graduate of Political Science from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, had a stint in the teaching profession before going to a post graduate Diploma in Journalism. Ever since she has remained in the profession for which she is passionate about and she tells those that care to listen that "it is the best profession in the universe" despite its challenges and being one of the lowest paying profession in Nigeria

Her career spanning severals decades has seen her sojourn the Concord Press of Nigeria and Comet Newspaper, before joining Nigeria's number one tabloid and widely read paper, The Sun Newspapers. She spent most of her working career in Jos, Plateau State capital and has done reportorials in several Northern states, anchoring countless breaking stories, indeed she's seen it all.

Mariam has a soft spot for developmental journalism, with bias for children, girl child and women issues. she is passionate about the rampant cases of rape, injustice metted with victims even by the law and how vulnerable persons especially women and children not have risen from victims to success stories. Other issues of child marriage, chikd trafficking,domestic violence and gender based abuses commn, not only among the uneducated but also among the elites from the fulcrum of her drive as a journalist and media practitioner

She debuts with this blog and the essence: to tell stories that are not told as a result of convention, tradiion and culture. Follow her and be part of new Nigeria and new Culture.