ODD WORLD: Cow kills, eats up a teacher.

published Jan. 7, 2021, 10:15 p.m. by mariamagboola

ODD WORLD: Cow kills, eats up a teacher.

One of the cows grazing on a field was alleged to have killed and eaten up a school teacher crossing the field.
Members of the Qumbu local community who have been around livestock all their lives said they have never seen anything like it before.

According to information gathered, the school teacher who was simply named Zininzi was not only killed by a cow but had parts of her body eaten up by the animal.
“It’s as if somebody is telling me a myth or legend,” said 53-year-old Zininzi’s cousin who is also from Ludidi from Mdeni in Qumbu, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

“At my age I have come to accept that there is nothing new under the sun” she said.
Ludidi added that “I thought I could not be surprised anymore at my age, but this is totally different. This is something we have never seen before.”.
Speaking on behalf of the family, Ludidi told SA newspaper that he met with four animal health experts who said that with a diseased animal, anything can happen.

“We will wait for the Department of Agriculture to tell us what happened before we start thinking about evil spirits;” she added.

The deceased had been a grade 3 teacher at Senior Primary School in Qumbu since 2008

Principal of her school, Mzuvukile Mjanyelwa said this is a big blow to the school and the pupils are still struggling to believe their teacher is no more.
“I’ve never seen a human being eaten by a cow, but when this happened last week I was there personally. I saw it myself. The body parts were scattered all over.”

The local community is still waiting for the Department of Agriculture to tell them what had led to the cow eating a human being.
The cow is in a safe place and officials are expected to come here by next week to give their final report; Ludidi said.

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