A town where the dead are ‘living’ in luxury

published Jan. 31, 2022, 12:41 p.m. by mariamagboola

Wonders they say will never end. A grave yard which is supposed to be a place for the dead is being turned to a bustling community of the living by a community in South Africa.

Watching the cemetery in the Mountain View of Kwamhlanga province from a distance, one will see houses that have been built in the place but taking a closer look , it will become clearer that the houses are actually stylish tombstones. About ten graves have been stylishly designed this way.

Kwamhlanga town is located in the North Western corner of Mpumalanga province of South Africa.
A resident, Besana Mahlangu said the rich families in the area are in competition to give their dead loved ones luxurious resting place.

According to him, erecting such tombstone will help future generation to easily recognize a grave. It is not cheap but our grave yard is fast becoming a suburb for the dead.

Another resident said competition among the dead is fast becoming the same as the competition among the living. People now feel they are being pressurized to do the same for their dead loved ones but it is not necessary.

But another man said there is nothing wrong in showing the dead that they are still loved by those they left behind.

A traditionalist in the area said there is nothing wrong in doing good things for your ancestors. If their money allows them, let them do it.

Meanwhile the cemetery is becoming a tourist attraction as people visit there to see how the dead are ‘living’ in luxury.

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