How a family lost three of its members due to drug addiction

published March 1, 2022, 9:23 a.m. by mariamagboola

How a family lost three of its members due to drug addiction

A family that all along knew that one of its members was on hard drug did not realized its effect could be so devastating until the addiction led to the death of two of their kids.

Simon Nyundo (33), who allegedly took his nephews, Onkarabile (4) and Promise Nyundo(6) out of the house to buy sweets ended up slitting their throats.

According to family source, he had always been fond of the kids; buying sweets and other gifts for them. Nobody suspected that he could harm them; despite his being a drug addict.
But on that fateful day, the children did not return home even when it was getting late and a search party was sent after them.
The following day, when they found Simon and asked him where the children were, he said they are dead and told them where their dead bodies were hidden.

The angry villagers got hold of Simon and burnt him alive.

Nelly Nyundo (26), the mother of Onkarabile Nyundo (4), and Gloria Nyundo (30), the mother of Promise Nyundo (6), who cried uncontrollably during the funeral of the kids, said that it was so painful that the family had to lose three of its members at a go.

They said the plea by the family to the villagers to leave Simon alone fell on deaf ears as they insisted he did not deserve to live.

Nelly appealed to all mothers to always know their kids’ whereabouts and who they are with.

Nelly said she didn’t know if her brother, Simon, was alone during the murder or if someone else was involved.

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