Father of over 100 children vows to begin family planning

published Jan. 2, 2023, 12:38 p.m. by mariamagboola

Father of over 100 children vows to begin family planning
A 67-year-old man from with 12 wives and 102 children has vowed to begin using family planning methods to stop having more children.
Musa Hasahya with 568 grandchildren told a newspaper that he has been working hard because he has many mouths to feed but has been unable to meet their needs.

The Ugandan farmer reportedly has told his wives to use contraception so that they can stop growing the family.
“My income has become lower and lower over the years due to the rising cost of living and my family has become bigger and bigger,” Hasahya said.  

His youngest wife, Zulaika has 11 children said“I'm not having any more children. I've seen the bad financial situation and I am now taking the birth control pills,” she said.  

According to report, the head of the family does not know some of his children by their names.

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