How is your final year student celebrating his pen down?

published Dec. 10, 2020, 2:25 p.m. by mariamagboola

How is your final year student celebrating his pen down?

The time has come again for final year students to be celebrating the end of their examination. Parents/guardians must be vigilant to know how their children/wards are celebrating the end of the second leg of their academic pursuit.

No doubt it is a thing of joy for children to successfully down pens in secondary school and be getting ready to go into the university. But sadly most children are doing the celebration the wrong way these days.

Before, this use to be the time students exhibit their dexterity, talents and the knowledge they had acquired over the years and make their parents proud.

But now, parties are organized for such celebration with many students going outside their school environment to get involve in taking illicit substances and doing unprintable things despite the call by many schools on students not to associate the end of their examinations with going to parties.

This is because many pupils still believe that taking alcohol and smoking substances is the best way to have fun and celebrate pens down.

This problem is universal. A picture of graduating students of a Secondary School South Africa caught them having fun with bottles of alcohol including gin; smoking dagga and cigarette.
The picture surfaced on social media and left many users in shocked.

This picture clearly shows both girls and boys from the same school enjoying hot drinks and dagga.
A social media user commented that though they are happy, they are downgrading their Secondary School’s uniform. “We can see you are happy but what you are doing is totally wrong.”

An Education Department Spokeswoman said the department does not condone such shocking behaviour by the pupils; stressing “We discourage this kind of celebration because the disadvantages are appalling.”

She added that “It is unfortunate that many are underage and some end up being raped, kidnapped or being killed.

“People should know that Covid-19 is still with us and it is a pity that drinking alcohol makes our people forget about it,” she said.


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