Siblings involved in incest to get rich quick

published Aug. 29, 2020, 8:45 p.m. by mariamagboola

Siblings involved in incest to get rich quick

Desperate to get rich quick, siblings got involve in sexual relationship; no thanks to a medicine man who advise towards such dastardly act; a South African Paper reports.

The man who was 27 years old when he started sleeping with his then 29 year old sister is now dead; under unexplained circumstance and his sister, who has been loony since her brother died, could no longer locate the medicine man.

Narrating the circumstance that led them to the act, the lady said they were disenchanted with life and had approached the medicine man for advice on how they can make money. She said the man gave them something to drink which get them excited and he instructed them to have sex every week.

She said they were desperate and did as they were told. But now 42, the lady who is from Villa Lisa in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan is broke and sad. She said she and her brother had lived reasonably well. They bought a house, got involved in some businesses and had cash. But after her brother died in February 2018, she slowly started losing the wealth and is now left with only her house.
“What hurts me the most is that my brother died with our wealth. I wish we had a plan for a time something like this will happen.” She said the medicine man told them they must have sex at least once a week, but they enjoyed it and made it a daily event.
“I only had one boyfriend in my life, but when I started sleeping with my brother there was no reason for me to have a boyfriend. My brother provided me with the best sex and wealth I could hope for. “I know it is strange but our parents died when we were young so we had to look after each other.”

She said she tried suicide by taking overdose of pills but had not succeeded. I started hating myself and everyone around me. I hated them for saving me from my suicide, but at some point I had to stand tall and fix my life.

” She could not get a job. She searched for the medicine man but could not find him so she asked another medicine man to help but he couldn’t. She said she does not want to die broke and needed help.

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