The evil some mothers do to their sons

published Jan. 31, 2022, 2:38 p.m. by mariamagboola

The evil some mothers do to their sons

For years this man thought he was showing his mother kindness by providing her with all her needs.
The 36 year old man who had been working for more than ten years was giving his mother more than half his salary; thinking that he was just obsessed with taking care of her.

He only found out years after her death that his obsession for caring for her was not normal.

According to him when she died in 2019, he started getting sick. He said he had cramps in his midriff, was sweating a lot at night and sometimes his feet hurt so badly that he could not walk.

‘At first my aunt told me that maybe it was because I was close to my mum and with time it will go away but the problem did not stop even after I have accepted her death’; he said.

He started going to doctors but the pills they gave him did not help. “my aunt suggested that I should see a traditional healer because of the fear that my condition may get worse”.

He went to one very powerful one in another village who told him that a spell was placed on him but he never told him who did it to him.

He assumed it was by his baby mama but she denied doing that to him when he confronted her.
It was when he visited another traditional healer in another village that he was told the truth.

He said it was the other one who now told him that it was his mother that placed the spell on him and that it will be very difficult to break because it was done long ago .

He explained that the man told him that his mother did it to him so that he would not get married and would be taking care of her for the rest of her life.

He remembered that his ex-girlfriend once told him that he treats his mother as if she was his wife but he dismissed her comment with a wave of hand.

The traditional healer told him that he will never be successful in any relationship he has with a woman because of his obsession to always take care of his mother.

The young man confessed that the most painful aspect of it was that he would not have known his problem if his mother has not died.

Now, he does not mind how much he has to spend to get cured but his problem is that he is not sure he would be normal again.

‘There is that craze by some women to get control over their sons and go to any extend to ensure they collect more than half of their salaries. For such men, it is always difficult to settle down with another woman; said the traditional healer.

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