15 year old girl impregnated by her 49 year old cousin in Jos

published Sept. 1, 2020, 3:44 a.m. by mariamagboola

15 year old girl impregnated by her 49 year old cousin in Jos

A 15 year old girl who was orphaned at a tender age and forced to drop out of school has been put in the family way a 40 year old man said to be her cousin.

The teenager was living with her Aunty in Dilimi area of Jos, when the said Auwal Bala alleged sneaked into the room where she was sleeping and had carnal knowledge of her.

The accused, who is married and with children, was alleged to have tied her mouth with a piece of cloth to prevent her from shouting for help.

The distraught girl kept it a secret until it became obvious that she was pregnant and
the same man responsible for it told her to stop going to school; even as he continuously denied he was responsible.

The girl was delivered of a baby boy and saddled with the responsibility of looking after the baby with no viable means of livelihood.

Auwal Bala who was alleged to have raped the girl has continuously denied having anything to do with her; thus refusing to cater for the girl and her baby. He said if he takes care of her, it will be an acceptance of guilt.

One of the girl’s uncles who was taking care of the girl until she put to bed had reported the case to religious and Human Right bodies when it was becoming obvious that Auwal would not take up his responsibility.

A case has been filed in court against the accused person even as it was obvious the girl and her baby are in dire need of help..

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