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Many of us have left out aged parents in the hands of caregivers. As long as we send money and communicate directly with the care givesr on their well being, we believe they are in safe hands. We do not always like talking to our parents because we feel they spend too much time on line; telling us stories we already know. Little we do know that out parents are going through hell.

Read about this and learn a thing or two.

Ninety-four year old Lena Mnguni was relieved when her neighbour rescued her from her abusive helper.
Everyday she prayed that the beating, stabbing and cursing would stop, but it didn. She was being abused by her helper since Marchis year.
The grandmother from Makometsane in Mpumalanga Province of South Africa said the verbal and physical abuse was hell; “She treated me like an animal,” she said.

Lena is very grateful after her neighbour rescued her by calling the old woman’s family to tell them about the abuse.

Lena’s niece, Elizabeth Khati-Saphula (55), said the neighbour phoned them and told them to take the old Woman away.

“We were confused. I was the one who hired the helper. We always talked to her,” she said.

Elizabeth said when they took the old woman to the doctor they found out that she has cuts, wounds, bruises and her arm was broken. “She was in pain’ She added
Lena said the helper called her a dog, swore at her and beat her and when she brought in her man to the house. She forced the nonagenarian to go and sleep, and when she refused, she gets beating.

The case has been reported to the police but the helper has taken to her heels. Efforts are being made to arrest her.
Many Old Parents have not been als lucky as Mother Lena. Some have dropped dead in the hands of the caregiver without the children knowing what she went through before she gave up.

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