Black power forces men to return stolen items

published Dec. 6, 2021, 4:55 p.m. by mariamagboola

Black power forces men to return stolen items

Residents of the Kenyan village were caught by surprise when two men emerged in the market plow carrying a television set, a gas cylinder and a mattress and confessed they had stolen them from an inhabitant of the area.

It was gathered that the owner of the stolen items had visited a witch doctor to help him recover his things and she later "arrested the thieves".

The incident attracted a huge crowd as residents who had come around to catch a glimpse of the men who were being paraded in a market place. This was after they had reportedly visited the said witch doctor who ‘cleansed’ them.

Some of the residents threatened to lynch the two suspects but officers from Police Station intervened and took them away.

The owner of the stolen items, Joshua Mumu who said he was happy to have his property back, explained that he was away to another County when his house was burgled and the items stolen,"

"I reported to the police when I returned and found that my house had been broken into and also sought other ways to punish the criminals,” Mumo said.

He said he will still pursue the matter in the court of law to ensure the two men are punished.

Kabati residents lamented that cases of burglary are on the rise in the area and called on the police to intensify patrols.

“It is sad to see such young and energetic men refusing to work and opting to be thieves. Let it be a lesson to them and others with similar behaviour or intentions,” said Purity Maangi, a resident.

A shopkeeper, said: “If there is an alternative way of exposing and arresting criminals other than going to the police, then I support it. Sometimes, the police take too long to investigate crime and punish those involved.”

Mama Zawadi, who is said to be the witch doctor that made the men to return the missing items, said the complainant had asked her to help him recover the items.

"My first assignment was to cast a spell on the suspects to ensure they don't sell the items. By the way, I work closely with the police and my work ends after I hand the suspects to them," she said.

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