I Chose Love Over 'Booze' and That Changed my life- Lover Boy

published Dec. 21, 2020, 10:03 p.m. by mariamagboola

I Chose Love Over 'Booze' and That Changed my life- Lover Boy

A young man has said his journey back to life will give hope to those who have lost faith in relationships.

Twenty seven year old Tshenolo Mnisi said he used to be a drunkard and he never thought love would change all that for him but it did.

He said he met his heart throb Lebogang Serithi (21) while she was walking in a field with a friend in 2018.

“I was even drunk on the first day I met her,” said Tshenolo.

He said he greeted her and told her she was his type, but the lady just kept quiet “but I insisted that she must take my number;” he said.
I told her I am a dancer and I danced on one of Lady Zamar’s music videos.”

He said she was still being stubborn, but her friend advised her to take the number.

“She took it but never called me. A year later, we bumped into each other again and she told me that she lost my number. That is where our story began,” said Tshenolo.

He told the People’s Paper that their relationship was beautiful and she was so very easy to love.

When I opened up about my drinking problem, he said she told me that we will work on it together.

I decided to introduce her to my parents and our relationship became stronger,” said Tshenolo.

He said he drank almost every day and he was enjoying himself. Then came one day when Lebogang told him to choose between her and his drink.
“It was tough but this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with; so there was no way I could have chosen booze over her. I made the right choice,” he said.
He said at some point, some of his friends deserted him; saying he is being controlled by a woman.

Speaking on their relationship, Lebogang said Tshenolo has brought so much happiness into her life and she could not see a future with anyone else.
But he was drinking too much and this was starting to affect their relationship.
She said trust was the number one ingredient to a successful relationship and believes trust will make everything go right”.

He proposed on December 2 and she said yes. They’re now planning to get married in June next year.


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