The father of this lady deserves to die slowly

published Jan. 25, 2023, 7:50 p.m. by mariamagboola

A 29-YEAR-OLD lady has revealed how she had been going through agony and pain in the hands of her father for 14 years.

From the age of 12 her father started raping her and made her go through eight abortions.

The South African lady pointed out that she was in grade six when the grandmother she was living with died and she had to move in to live with her father.

She stayed with him with his wife; her stepmother and a step brother .

She alleged that it was since she moved in with them that her father had started raping her.

In 2007 she became pregnant and her father gave her pills to drink. When her stepmother found her bleeding, she took her to the Hospital where she was assisted to abort the baby.
While she was still in pain 'I heard her father telling her stepmother that I have a boyfriend,”

Her father allegedly kept raping her, telling her that everyone was supposed to marry within the family. And between 2006 and 2020, she terminated more than eight pregnancies.

“All of these abortions were done at home,” she said.
She said when she went to the clinic for a minor illness while was in grade 9 she again found out that she was pregnant.

“The nurses told me I was pregnant but to my surprise, I was already nine months gone"

After giving birth, a woman who claimed to be her mother came to collect her child saying he is her grandson.
She told a national newspaper that six months later, her father insisted that they have to leave the town for another.

“My stepmum called my aunt in another town and told her what was going on but "my aunt insisted that I was responsible for my condition as I was the one seducing my father,” she said.
She become pregnant again in the town they moved to. “He was making me watch porn films and taking naked photos of me,” she said.
She added that he was a gambler and was taking her to a casino.

She said she tried killing herself but never succeeded and even tried to run away many times but her father was always finding her. She also claimed he was so abusive that he even cut himself and ordered her to lick his blood.

“I had no choice but to I lick it”; she said

She later met a man who realised what was happening, and helped her to run away to a shelter. After moving away she finally had the courage to open a case against him.

The police said her father has been arrested and charged to court for rape.

“The suspect appeared in a Magistrates Court and the case was postponed to 3 February for further hearing.#

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