Girl injects self with boyfriend’s HIV blood

published Aug. 26, 2022, 7:02 p.m. by mariamagboola

A 15 -year-old Indian girl has come up with a bizarre way of proving her love to her HIV-positive boyfriend by injecting herself with his blood.

The unnamed girl is said to have injected herself with her boyfriend’s blood, knowing that he was HIV-positive.

The teenager allegedly hails from Suwal Kuchchi, a village in Assam, India.

She and her boyfriend had been together for about three years, after originally meeting on Facebook.

The HIV-positive boy, from the town of Hajo, had tried to elope with his beloved a couple of times in the past, but the girl’s parents had tracked them down and brought her back home.

This time around, instead of running away with him, the 15-year-old found a way of proving her love for him by allegedly using a syringe to inject herself with his HIV-infected blood, knowing the risks she was exposing herself to.

It is unclear if the boy was aware of her intentions.

Police in Hajo has already detained the girl’s boyfriend after her parents filed a complaint against him.

Meanwhile, the victim is currently being monitored by doctors.

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