Lady Saved by her kidnappers

published Nov. 25, 2020, 2:14 p.m. by mariamagboola

Lady Saved by her kidnappers

A 35 year lady, whose husband had hired kidnappers to abduct and killed her, has been saved by her abductors.

According to Navia Madia, the men who had kidnapped her November 2, had confessed that they cannot go along by the plan and had released her.

The attributed her safety to the power of prayer because she is a prayerful person.

She said they had told her that in order to fool her husband, she has to cooperate with them to allow them tie her to a tree and snap her picture to give to her husband.

The lady who was terrified that a price tag was placed on her head said after she was abducted and taken to the riverside, her abductors had told her that her husband wanted her killed for the R1m(25m) insurance money he would collect on her.

The hit men said her husband had given them one of her cars as security for the R22,000 (N5.5m) they would collect from him as soon as he has collects the insurance money.

After they had snapped the picture of her being tied up, they untie her and they all headed to the Police station to report her husband.

Novia said she is scared that she had been living with a man who had been planning to eliminate her. The man is presently on the run.

The would- be- assassins have now turned to be witnesses in the case of Kidnapping and hijacking to be instituted against her husband.

They had since returned her car to her.

Sister to the victim, Pimkie Mashego who said her sister’s husband has over the years been abusive, pointed out that his plan to eliminate the wife was shocking.


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