Rape victim dealt big blow on her attacker

published June 3, 2021, noon by mariamagboola

Rape victim dealt big blow on her attacker

Rape victim dealt big blow on her attacker

Many rape victims have been left to lick their wounds and some, without getting justice. But a waitress has taught her attacker a bitter lesson.

The victim, a waitress in Spain has chopped off her boss’ penis and afterwards called the police and an ambulance to the scene.

According to Spanish-based publication La Sexta, the woman was arrested on Tuesday, 1 June, after her boss allegedly attempted to rape her at a bar near Barcelona.

“She claims she grabbed a knife and cut off her employer’s genital after he tried to sexually assault her during a shift at about midnight on Monday,” it was reported.

Following the incident, the publication reported that the woman called the cops and an ambulance to the bar, and the man was quickly transported to hospital.

She claimed to have acted in self-defense, and told the cops it was not the first time her boss had allegedly attempted to rape her.

“She told police he had forced her to have sex with him on multiple other occasions. “The bar owner remains in hospital and it is unclear whether his emergency treatment was successful.”

La Sexta said it had contacted local police for comment with no success.

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