A community where virginity is still being celebrated

published Aug. 24, 2022, 12:14 p.m. by mariamagboola

A community where virginity is still being celebrated

Civilization has made many African communities lose most of their values. But with the adverse effects of doing so are now making some societies have a rethink.

To curb unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases a community South Africa has revamp the culture of encouraging girls to maintain their virginity until they are married.

In Phola location Ogies, Mpumalanga province, the royal house of Ndzundza Sogutjhe brought out its over 200 maidens in a ceremony known as Sezintombi; meaning Girls’ Pride to celebrate them for keeping their virginity.

Queen Thulisile Mahlangu who hosted the maidens at the royal house in Phola said the event was aimed at celebrating the virgins for their journey in preserving their purity and also encouraging other young girls to continue being virgins.

She reiterated that the event was also to empower and educate the girls about health care, career choices, gender based violence (GBV) and the importance of preserving their purity.

Speaking to the girls, Mahlangu said ‘we are proud of you for keeping yourself pure and we want to assure you of our support, love and protection. As a royal house we pledge to protect and empower you’.

A total of 250 girls between the ages of ten and 20 from Phola and its surrounding farm locations attended the ceremony.

Various speakers at the occasion urged the girls to preserve their virginity and choose right career path to better their lives.

Many of the girls who spoke at the occasion while thanking the queen for recognizing them encouraged their peers to remain focus on their career path, avoid dangers by not going about in the night because they are always target for human trafficking.

The Queen announced that the Isigungi Sezintombi will henceforth be made an annual event with the expectation that next year’s event will be attended by over 500 girls; according to the queen.

The maidens were presented with self care packs such as sanitary pads and other toiletries.

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